Jewellery is an item used to make up or enhance your appearance. Jewelry is usually made ​​of gold or silver and consists of a variety of forms ranging from rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and others.

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Usually jewelry given as gifts. Jewelry has a variety of shapes ranging from round, heart, square, and others. Jewelry is usually derived from mining.

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Having jewelry is certainly a dream of every woman. However, in vain if the high-priced jewelry is only used and stored away.

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indeed You must keep maintaining your jewelry so that the colors remain bright and not faded. For that, consider the following tips on caring for jewelry:

1. In order to remain shiny beautiful jewelry, jewelry keep it away from hard water, sharp objects, and brine.
2. Avoid jewelry from extreme weather changes.
3. Frequently clean jewelry, especially after exposure to lotions or perfumes.
4. Remove jewelry when bathing or doing other chores.
5. Store jewelry in a soft cloth bag.
6. don't store jewelry in one place. This will increase the risk of scratches.
7. Store jewelry in a dry place at room temperature.

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