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It is hard to find a woman who does not love jewelry of some sort. Jewelry helps to create an image of personal style and type of jewelry a woman is wearing says a lot about personal taste. Some women prefer the traditional style of classic jewels. Others prefer more contemporary jewelry styles may be influenced by ethnic or created by modern designers. Whatever he chose a woman knows that she wears jewelry stresses will appear and turn heads.

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terms used by dealers can be confusing. Do not let this deter you from your purchase. A simple lesson can help you read the jargon.

. Baguette


. Barion cut traditional step-cut

. Bezel rim that holds jewelry and completely surround the stone

. Brilliant cut stones reflect the light from an oval to rounded heart-shaped or pear-shaped marquise

. Cluster setting this jewelry contains a large center stone surrounded by small stones

. Emerald rectangular or square shape with cut corners

. Marquise double-pointed boat-shaped stone

. Pear stone in the form of a pear

. Princess-cut square or rectangular-shaped brilliant-cut stones

Jewelry comes in all shapes and also in size. When you buy a jewelry gift may be helpful to take along an already-owned piece to compare sizes. For necklaces and bracelets jewelry dealer can advise the size or length depending on the style you choose.

One need not spend a whole lot of money on jewelry. Wholesale jewelry offering quality goods at cheap prices. Even some costume jewelry is quite beautiful and far less expensive than the amp quot real thing. amp quot The important thing about jewelry is making sure it suits the wearer's taste. Accessories not do much good if they just sit in my jewelry box.

One thing to consider before buying jewelry for someone is whether it tends to wear more silver or gold-toned pieces. Some women combine the two most prefer one or the other. Finally, think about his lifestyle. Does she prefer simple jewelry or more elegant hanging pieces

Regardless of what jewelry you choose is a gift she'll never forget. Besides, no woman could have enough jewelry.

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