necklace jewelry

Jewelry necklace is a coil that is associated in one's throat. Usually a necklace made of gold or other precious metals. Currently the materials used to manufacture necklaces are quite varied as plastics, ceramics, fruit seeds saga, fabric, stone, wood, bone, shells, pearls and much more. Usually shaped necklace chain and pendant is sometimes added as a sweetener.
necklace jewelrynecklace jewelrynecklace jewelrynecklace jewelry

Necklace function

Necklaces have been used throughout history by men and women, used to mark a variety of differences in many cultures. In some cultures, the necklace can signify social class users.

necklace jewelrynecklace jewelrynecklace jewelry

Necklaces are also used as user identity, such as necklaces which are used by the U.S. Army called the dog tags. This necklace began to be used since world war two. User identity is placed on the pendant is made of sheet aluminum. Identity which is written the name, position, regiment or corps of the wearer
necklace jewelrynecklace jewelry

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