Tips for Choosing a Diamond


More than 2800 years ago, diamonds mined in India. But in reality, the discovery of diamonds is much older than that. At least, diamonds have been found since 900 million years ago. Experts believe that the oldest diamonds found around 3.2 billion years ago. Each diamond is mined is truly unique. To the untrained eye, one can find that no two diamonds are exactly alike. In choosing a diamond, there are many things to consider. You do not need to rush to buy a diamond. It is very important, so you are not wrong in buying diamonds.

Many factors must be considered when purchasing a diamond. Around the world, there is a standard method used as a way to illustrate the value of the diamond. This method is known as the "4 C". If you are interested in understanding how to buy diamonds, these methods will help you how to assess every aspect of the diamond. Method 4 C represent Cut, Calarity, Carat and Color.
diamond diamond
Diamond cutting is a description of how the manufacturer makes an angle of gemstone diamonds in such a way as to reflect light through the diamond, resulting in a sparkling diamond. High quality cuts enhance the innate beauty of diamonds and increase its value.
diamond diamond
Rated how clear the diamond clarity diamond when we look from the surface to the base of the diamond. Most of the inclusions and diamonds are very rare to find the perfect diamond. Diamond defect, can usually be seen with the aid of a magnifying glass (Loupe). It is common in diamond is the presence of black specks / dirt on the diamond. The success of these black spots that determine the value of diamonds. The fewer black spots found on the diamond of course the higher the value.

Karat is a measure of the diamond. Diamond that is larger will have more value than a bunch of small diamonds, even if the total carat diamond cluster is the same. This means that a single one carat diamond worth more than three small diamonds, although the same total amount. For example: 1 piece with a size one-carat diamond costs more than 2 pieces of half-carat diamond size. The reason behind this is that the large size of the diamond with rarer than small diamonds. Unfortunately, this is influenced by the fact that, when a diamond is cut, they lost about half their size.
diamond diamond
Diamond color you choose is entirely based on your personal preferences. Diamond is colorless, is the most rare and therefore worth more than other diamonds. Diamonds are also found in many different colors, including yellow, green, blue and pink. Even a rock known as "black diamonds".

In addition to understanding the method of 4 C in buying diamonds, it's good we must also learn how to read a diamond certificate. This certificate describes in detail the facts about diamonds. Buying a diamond with a certificate will help prevent us from fraud.